The Snack is open from April to August, we favour local products.

Healthy products

Healthy products: We mainly work with local farmers in order to highlight our regional products and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

The burgers and salads are homemade and the twirly chips are made from fresh potatoes.


Products from local farms:

Charolais meat in the burgers

Responsible farming vegetables

Tea and infusions

Handmade draft beer

Organic apple juice

Burgers and twirly chips: only from 12am to 2.30pm

Adult menu

Choice of burger + Large twirly chip + Large drink 9€80

Child menu

Small burger + Small twirly chip + Small drink + A surprise 6€80

And also

Handmade ice-cream and sorbets, pancakes, handmade draft beer, organic apple juice, cold and hot drinks and a large choice of teas and infusions.


The chef Miam’ster wishes you a great meal