Before coming

In order to prepare your visit, these few points can be useful:


For your safety and the animals, you can’t come to the park with you own toys (balls, bikes, toy scooter…)

Download Guideez

Before coming to the park download the Guideez application.

Dogs allowed

Dogs are allowed on a leash, for their safety and the animals, they will not be allowed into the free access pens.

Baby area

An area is provided near the toilets for you to change your young ones.


Microwaves are provided at the reception desk.

Hilly site

The Park is situated on two hills; therefore it is hilly all along the paths.


To enjoy the arbofilets, plan to wear closed shoes (trainers type…no heels will be accepted) and cover all body parts to avoid burns.


The Park is accessible to pushchairs

Means of payment

The Park accepts credit cards/cash/holiday checks (we don’t return change for the holiday checks). Checks are not accepted.