About us

The park was created by 2 livestock farmers who have a common interest in animals. They let different species to coexist in the same natural environment. Public curiosity makes them share their hobby and they decide to open the park’s doors to visitors in 1992 under the name “La Coulée du Cerf”. At the same time they collect old farming and wine making tools. Having stone quarries close to the park helps them to set up the site.

In 2009 we take over the family park and innovate it once again. Together we share and continue our care for nature and animals. To stay coherent with its evolution, we decide to change the name in 2013 to Natural’Parc.

Natural’Parc is a private park that doesn’t benefit from any state subsidies it continues to live on thanks to you!

Therefore we thank everybody who shares our passion and allows us to make the park a better place year after year.

See you soon!