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Dolichotis patagonum

Family: Caviidae

Origin: Argentine

Lifespan: 10 to 15 years

Reproduction: After 90 days of gestation the female produces 2 to 3 litters twice a year.

Nutrition diet: Herbivore (grass, plants, roots).

Description: We also call it the Patagonian hare or cavy because of its looks. The forefeet have 4 digits while the hind feet have 3 digits, it can run up to 80km/h and his jumps can reach 2 meters high. Living in semi-arid regions, it can resist very hot and cold temperatures. It’s also monogamous and digs burrows that can go 10 meters deep. Coming from the same family as the guinea pig, it communicates in the same way with small sounds.