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New 2018 : Wolfdogs :

The pack of wolfdogs welcomed at Natural’Parc are composed of 2 breeds.
– Saarloos Wolfdogs : A species of dog from the crossing of a German Shepherd and a europeen she-wolf from Siberia.
– Czechoslovakian Wolfdog : A species of dog from the crossing of a German Shepherd and a Carpathian she-wolf.

In May 2017, the anti-traffic society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (RSPCA) unit, seized 119 wolfdogs coming from a not very scrupulous breeding farm and placed them in various RSPCA refuges, in order to socialize them and find families to adopt and care for them.

Owing to their previous life conditions and despite 8 months of effort made by the employees, volonteers and educators from different refuges, some animals never accepted humans and remained motionless in their cells.

Even with food it was impossible to approach them and socialize. For security reasons and for their well-being, it was unfortunately impossible to place them in a home.

For these reasons, the RSPCA got into contact with zoos in France, in order to find a solution. Our first reaction was : « Dogs don’t belong in a zoo, that’s not the spirit of Natural’Parc »

But after alot of thinking we found it necessary to participate in this rescue, so we went to meet these wolfdogs in the different refuges.

Working side by side with Aurélie Frérou (behavioral educator) from Eduka’chien, we took the time to study the behaviour of each wolfdog and evaluate their sociability.

To give these animals a second chance, we took the decision to adopt 10 wolfdogs that would have lived behind bars.

The wolfdogs arrived at Natural’Parc on the 20th Febuary 2018. Some had only ever known concrete cells and had never seen a blade of grass, so they needed time to adapt to their new environment and other wolfdogs.

We invite you to come and meet, Lombok, Jensen, Artique, Wolf, Lyra, Snow, Limnos, Yuma, Lareen Mac and Zeus in their 5000m² pen, especially set up for them to live in the best conditions possible

> Monday 30 April 2018
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